Week of September 12, 2007 | Sandra Brown

Sandra Brown kicks off the show for September. Ms. Brown and I discuss PLAY DIRTY, her novel published by Simon & Schuster.

Griff Burkett, the protagonist of PLAY DIRTY, had it all. He was handsome, he was the star quarterback of the Dallas Cowboys, and the fans loved him. He gets involved with the wrong people and ends up throwing it all away.

PLAY DIRTY is the story of his attempt to put his life together again. Ms. Brown has a worldwide audience of readers and they will love PLAY DIRTY, it has all of the elements of a Sandra Brown novel; great characters, a fast-moving plot with plenty of twists and turns, and a passionate love story.

Ms. Brown will be at The Thurber House in Columbus, Ohio on October 24th to read from PLAY DIRTY and meet her fans. The show originates in Columbus so I will be at the event and I hope that fans of Sandra Brown take advantage of this opportunity to see her. Details can be found on The Thurber House website.

My second show in September will feature the writing duo of Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child. Their new novel THE WHEEL OF DARKNESS, published by Warner Books, features Inspector Aloysius Pendergast, and his ward, Constance Green, two of the most interesting characters in fiction today.


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