April | 2009

Ted Dekker makes his initial appearance on the show this week. We discuss his new novel THE BONESMAN'S DAUGHTER, published by Center Street.

The BoneMan is a serial killer who has abducted six women. He crosses paths with Ryan Evans, an intelligence officer who has lost everything, including the trust of his daughter, Bethany.

When the BoneMan takes Bethany as one of his victims the chase is on. The FBI becomes involved, and Ryan Evans goes from being the hunter to being hunted, making the novel difficult to put down. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Mr. Dekker has written twenty-three novels, including THREE, and the circle trilogy (BLACK, WHITE, and GREEN). His novels are complex and fast-paced. I think you will enjoy this discussion; I know I did.

Ted Dekker has achieved a remarkable degree of success in a relatively short period of time. He is a writer to be watched. Enjoy!





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