Week of July 18, 2007 | Pete Hamill

This week’s guest is Pete Hamill. We discuss his new novel NORTH RIVER, published by Little, Brown.

NORTH RIVER is a magnificent slice of life story about living in Manhattan in 1934 after the Depression. Dr. Delaney, the novel’s protagonist, is a complex character who performs the role of doctor and therapist to his patients.

The Depression affected everyone, and Mr. Hamill illustrates this fact brilliantly. To compare this novel to a book like ANGELA’S ASHES or the film IN AMERICA misses the point of the novel.

NORTH RIVER is about how people took care of each other during this difficult time and managed to find pleasure and love in the midst of the misery of their everyday lives.

It is the timeless story of everyday heroes who continue to influence the way we live our lives today. I thoroughly enjoyed this interview. I found Mr. Hamill to be a fascinating conversationalist. We discuss several of his other books during the interview. Enjoy!

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