Week of February 21, 2007 | Jim Harrison

This week’s guest is Jim Harrison. We discuss his new novel RETURNING TO EARTH

This is what Will Blythe had to say about the novel on the cover of last week’s New York Time’s Book Review: As a rough rule, it seems that writers fall into two camps. There are those who delight in rousting the truth from its concealment amid pieties and convention. If they must strip-mine the world to expose its hypocrisy, they will do so, even if they leave a landscape barren of hope. 

Then there are those writers prefer to remythologize life on earth, finding it rich with strange congruences and possibilities. Jim Harrison is a writer of the second type, and RETURNING TO EARTH is his extraordinary valediction to mourning. It sharpens one’s appetite for life even at its darkest.  

This is Mr. Harrison’s second appearance on the show. Enjoy!


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