Week of August 22, 2007 | Jacqueline Mitchard

Jacqueline Mitchard’s first novel, THE DEEP END OF THE OCEAN, was a publishing phenomenon. It was the first book selected by the Oprah book club in 1998 and went on to be named the second most influential book of the past ten years, surpassed only by (you guessed it) Harry Potter. It was also turned into a feature film starring Michelle Pfeiffer.

Ms. Mitchard and I discuss STILL SUMMER, her new novel published by Warner Books. STILL SUMMER is the story of four women who embark on a seafaring adventure, looking to rest and relax on a sailboat.

Three of the women were known as the Godmothers in high school, and twenty-five years after graduation they have remained close friends. Cammie, the nineteen year old daughter of Tracey, also accompanies them.

Their trip starts out the way had planned it, but it soon turns into a calamity. The four women are forced to deal with issues and problems they are unprepared for. Ms. Mitchard is an excellent story teller and her fans will love this novel.

This is Ms. Mitchard’s first appearance on the show. We had a great time discussing her work, the creative writing process, and our mutual love of reading. Jackie has seven children; they are named after literary characters.

Please visit her website, www.jacquelinemitchard.com, to learn more about her. Her website goes far beyond the scope of most author websites. It is truly interactive. I think you’ll like her website, and I hope you enjoy our interview!

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