June, 2009 | George Pelecanos

George Pelecanos makes his third appearance on the show this week. We discuss his new novel THE WAY HOME, published by Little, Brown.

THE WAY HOME features a young man, Chris Flynn, who has had a rough childhood. Chris finds himself in juvenile detention, a life-changing event. The novel is about the redemptive power of love.

The love that Chris' father has for him, the love of Chris for the men he meets in the juvie center, and the love of the women in their lives.

This is Mr. Pelecano's most mature novel; he goes deep into the characters in this story. It is classic Pelecanos: the music is there, the basketball is there, and the cars are there. But this time we see more of the heart of the characters; we even see more of Washington D.C.

This novel is a beauty. I loved it.

Mr. Pelecanos and I also discuss his role in riting/producing the classic HBO series THE WIRE. Enjoy!

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