Week of September 19, 2007 | Douglas Preston & Lincoln Child

I am delighted to announce something different for the show. For the first time in out three year history we are interviewing two authors at the same time.

It also helps that the two authors we’re interviewing are also two of the coolest authors I’ve ever met.

Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child have been writing best selling novels together for well over a decade. Their first collaboration, Relic, was a best seller, and then was turned into a successful motion picture. They now have a fanatical world-wide audience of readers.

THE WHEEL OF DARKNESS (published by Warner Books) is an amazing story that takes place on the high seas. The story opens in Tibet. Part of the artistry of a Preston/Child novel is the panoramic lenses they use to tell their stories.

They are very visual writers and that style serves them well in The Wheel of Darkness. The book debuted at number two on the NYTBR. Let’s hope we can take it to number one- where it belongs. I had a blast interviewing Doug and Lincoln and I assure you they will be guests on the show each time a new book comes out. Enjoy!


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