Week of December 12, 2007 | Anthony Lappe & Dan Goldman

This week I am bringing you an interview with two gentlemen who have worked together to create a graphic novel titled SHOOTING WAR, published by Grand Central Publishing. Anthony Lappe wrote the text, and Dan Goldman did the design and illustrations.

The result of their collaboration is a stunning book that is earning them rave reviews.

Mr. Lappe produced "Iraq, Battleground: 21 Days on the Empire's Edge", an award winning documentary on Showtime that aired in 2004. It is a stunning piece of work that I highly recommend. He is the Executive Editor of GNN.tv, the website for the Guerrila News Network.

Mr. Goldman is the founding member of the daily on-line comics anthology ACT-I-VATE. He is currently working on a book on the 2008 presidential elections.

During our interview they discuss how they met and how they worked together on this project.

SHOOTING WAR is a political satire that takes place in 2011. John McCain is president, the situation in Baghdad has continued to deteriorate, and Jimmy Burns, the book's protagonist, finds himself a new media darling.

Mr. Goldman's illustrations are incredible; they compliment Mr. Lappe's text perfectly. 

I thoroughly enjoyed SHOOTING WAR; it is my first experience with a graphic novel (Mr. Goldman told me it's okay to call them comics). I loved comic books as a child; I have fond memories of long afternoons spent reading SUPERMAN, THE ARCHIES, THE FANTASTIC FOUR, SPIDERMAN, and countless others.

I have a feeling this won't be the last graphic novel I read; it was too much fun. One of my goals is to bring you books you might not ordinarily experience. I hope you enjoy it!

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