June, 2010 | Scott Turow

Scott Turow makes his initial appearance on the show this week. I have been an admirer of Mr. Turow's work since 1987, when I read PRESUMED INNOCENT for the first time.

The book became a publishing sensation, selling millions of copies worldwide. PRESUMED INNOCENT was later made into a successful film starring Harrison Ford as Rusty Sabich.

Mr. Turow's first book, published in 1977, was ONE L; a memoir of his first year at Harvard Law School. One L continues to be a must-read for aspiring law students.

INNOCENT, Turow's new novel, is the sequel to PRESUMED INNOCENT. It is published by Grand Central Publishing, and it is a beauty. The plot is riveting, and the writing is vintage Turow.

The plot revolves around the death of Rusty Sabich's wife, Barbara. His 28 year old son Nat is at the center of the story, as is his law clerk, Anna. Sandy Stern and Tommy Molto are central characters in the story. It is interesting to see how time has changed the characters. The book is impossible to put down. If you are looking for a great book to take on vacation this is it.

I thoroughly enjoyed discussing the process Mr. Turow went through to make a stand-alone novel from a classic like PRESUMED INNOCENT. He was candid and open to all of my questions. We even discussed Raymond Carver and their years at Stanford. We ended the discussion with ideas and projects he has in the works. Enjoy!


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