Week of oct 31, 2006 | David Baldacci

Mr. Baldacci and I discuss THE COLLECTORS, published by Little, Brown. THE COLLECTORS is a sequel to THE CAMEL CLUB, last year’s best selling book that introduced readers to a fascinating group of characters that live in and around Washington DC

THE CAMEL CLUB is now available in paperback. THE COLLECTORS is a fast-paced read that offers readers the chance to learn more about Oliver Stone, one of the members of the Camel Club. The plot is an ingenious way of figuring out ways to pass along information in today’s world of high technology and increased security. 

Readers are also treated to a rare look at the inner-workings of The Library of Congress. This is Mr. Baldacci’s second appearance on the show and I think you’ll find some of the things we talk about to be of great interest.  


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