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I’m delighted to have David Baldacci back for his fifth appearance on the show. We discuss DIVINE JUSTICE, his new novel featuring the return of Oliver Stone.

Mr. Baldacci has created a fascinating cast of characters in DIVINE JUSTICE; bringing back several people we’ve been introduced to in the previous Camel Club novels, and introducing us to some new people as well.

He has become a master of the political thriller. DIVINE JUSTICE will please both long-time readers and those just discovering his work.

David Baldacci devotes a great deal of time and energy, (not to mention money), promoting literacy and reading programs in the United States. Please take the time to visit his website, www.davidbaldacci.com, to read more about his Feeding Body and Mind program. It is a program designed to help food banks distribute books along with the food they offer those in need.

I will be working with a local food bank in Orlando to help kick off the program in January, 2009. You can obtain contact information on his website. It is a great cause and worthy of all of our support. I hope your holiday season is joyous and filled with great books and great memories.


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